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Lined Zipper Pouch


Sew what does one do when the weather is cold down here in Tampa?  I decided to make a lined zipper pouch and I was definitely pleased with the result. The pouch was easy to make and I even plan to make more when I get time. Rather then have the bag look flat I added boxed corners which also help the bag stand up. So hop on over to Crafty Gemini and watch her video and make yourself a bag.

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Homemade Oven Mitts



Hello there my favorite peeps! I joined Crafty Gemini’s Crafters on Facebook the other day and found a tutorial for oven mitts. After watching the tutorial I decided to give it a try. As I began quilting the oven mitt I had issues with the fabric puckering and decided to start over. So I made a quilt sandwich and did not have any issues with the fabric puckering. I did make some changes myself such as, making a quilt sandwich, added 100% cotton batting between the two pieces of fabric. I placed the  oven mitt pattern on top of the quilted sandwich and cut the pattern out. Added some bias tape at the bottom of the oven mitt. These oven mitts are easy peasy to make and excellent for a gift too.

Feel free to leave a comment or share any ideas.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!



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Quilts of Valor


Our quilting guild got together and decided to make some quilts for a charity Quilts of Valor. We had a lot of fun sewing a new pattern and knowing a wounded soldier would receive a quilt for comfort. Be sure to check out their website. There are many patterns you can choose from on their website along with directions. Apparently, Buddy thinks the quilt is for him. LOL!



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Half Square Triangle Tutorial

IMG_0450Wanna learn how to make half  square Triangles? Well I am going to show you how easy they are to make. I am making a star table topper  made with half square triangles. So I thought what a great opportunity to teach my favorite peeps how to make half square triangles. Ladies, fire up the sewing machines and lets get started!

Cut your squares. My pattern calls for 7 inch squares. Finished size is 6 inches. IMG_0438 Next, put right sides together and pin. IMG_0439 Draw a diagonal line corner to corner. You can use a pen or pencil because you will be drawing on the wrong side of the fabric. IMG_0440 Next, we are going to sew on each side of the line that was drawn.  I placed the quarter inch foot right on the line that was drawn. Then sew on each side of the line that was drawn. IMG_0441

Now your two lines sewn should look like the picture below.


We are almost there!  Take your rotary cutter or scissors and cut on the line that was drawn which would be the middle line.


Now you should have two triangles.


Press open the seam.


Cut off the ends sticking out.


Its time to square up the square. My squares finished should be 6 inches.


Press the square with the Iron. Ta Da you are finished!!!!!


I hope everyone had fun with me today! So go sew some half triangle and make something.

Until next time, happy quilting



Four Patch Quilt

IMG_0430Hello everyone! I came across a website a few weeks ago called Quilts for kids and decided that I would make a quilt for a child. I ordered a quilt kit and received it in about 14 days. The only thing that I needed to buy for the quilt was batting and everything else is provided in the kit for 6 dollars.If you get a chance make sure to check out their website at www.quiltforkids.org.  The quilt patterns are easy to make and does not really take that much time to complete. I am happy that I finally got to finish the quilt because there has been a lot going on here the last 3 or 4 weeks LOL. I have found my stress reliever LOL quilting.

Happy quilting,

Sharon                                                                                                IMG_0421


Hopscotch Quilt

IMG_0313I have been asked by several people “when are you going to show the quilt you have been working on?” Well my friends here it is! It is not completed at this time. The boarders need to be added and I need to find someone who has a long arm to quilt it for me. The quilt is just to large to quilt on a regular sewing machine. The quilt will go on a queen/king bed which is one of the largest quilts I have made thus far. After the quilt is finished I will post another picture. Well I hope everyone has a great week!


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Baby Rag Quilt

IMG_0269Happy Wednesday morning my favorite people!  So ,I have been busy making a precious little baby girl who was born in January a baby rag quilt. I have had so much fun making the quilt and I love the color combinations too. The rag quilts are really easy to make and does not take up that much time to do. The hardest part is cutting all the squares along with batting. Next, I think I might try making a purse and see how it turns out. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it turns out and of course, I’ll post it on my blog. Hope everyone has a great day! Until next time, happy quilting.