Texas Hash

Are you wondering what you will cook for dinner this evening?  The recipe I am sharing with you today is a recipe that has been in the family a long time. It’s called” Texas Hash” and my is it good and very easy to make!  So grab your aprons ladies, and come to my kitchen, and we will cook up the dish!  Here we go!


2 onions chopped

1 cup celery

3 Tsp oil

1 lb. ground steak

2 cups tomatoes with juice

1 cup uncooked spaghetti

1 tsp. chili powder

2 tsp. salt & 1/2 tsp. pepper

In a large pot, combine onions, celery in the oil. Add meat and cook until the redness is gone. Add tomatoes, spaghetti and seasoning and  mix.

Transfer mixture to a oiled casserole dish. Cover and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.  You can add a salad if you wish.

See ya next time,



Patience Corners Block

Well It’s Friday and so glad! Finally finished block # 6 and half way there now. Can’t wait to see what the quilt will look like once the blocks are finished. Again, I came across some fabric that just did not want to cooperate. Will be extra careful next time!!! Everyone have a great weekend and I’ll see ya next week.

Block #6 of 12


Good morning everyone and It’s Friday!!!!!!  This week I had a chance to get some pillowcases done for the terminally Ill children in the Tampa Bay area. If anyone is interested making the pillowcases here is the name of the website “ConKerr Cancer”.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya soon!



Hole in the Barn Door (Quilt Block # 5)

Hole in the Barn Door Block # 5

Here is block # 5 that I just completed from the quilt along over at Crafty Gemini. If you have never done a quilt along before I recommend that you try it. There are 7 more blocks to complete and then I will be able to put the quilt together.  When the next block is announced , I will share it with you along with the tutorial. So stay tuned! Have a great Tuesday and I will see ya’ll later!


Friendship Star (Block # 4)

Friendship Star Quilting Block # 4

Wow! It’s Monday already and were did the weekend go!  This weekend my husband and I are still painting the inside of the house and hope to finish soon.  Currently, we are painting his office/music room. Next, the plans are to paint the master bedroom and bath.

Even though there is  painting going on I had a chance to complete the fourth block of the Quilt along over at Crafty Gemini. I am getting excited to see how my quilt is going to turn out. The quilt block above is called “Friendship Star.”  Be sure to click on the Friendship Star to find the directions on how to make the block. Have a great day!

Happy Quilting! Your friend Sharon


Mr. Roosevelt’s Neck Tie (Block # 3)

Mr. Roosevelt's Bow Tie (Block # 3)

Happy Friday everyone! Finally got the third block finished today and I like the way it turned out. Still seem to have an issue with the seams lining up.  Hopefully, by the time the blocks are complete I will be able to see a difference in my seams lining up. The third block is called “Mr. Rossevelt’s Neck Tie.”

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see ya’ll on Monday!


Quilt Along (Amish Diamond Quilt block)

Can’t believe the weekend is right around the corner. The other day I posted a quilt along that we are having over at Vanessa’s and here is the second block for the quilt along. It will be interesting to see how the quilt turns out because I am just using the fabric that I have on hand.

The name of the block is called “Amish Diamond” quilt block. My seams are not perfect but had fun putting the block together. Hopefully, over time they will get better! See you next time!

Block #2