Beginner Friendly Quilt

Happy Sunday everyone! Rag quilts are quilts that have exposed seams that fray when washed. It makes for a comfy quilt that is easy to make but is impressive to look at.I used flannel on the quilt below because it is soft and cozy plus it frays really well. Be sure to use fabrics that will fray easily. Until next time, happy quilting, Sharon!

Rag quilting is believed to have started in the 1700’s. During the 1700’s, times were hard for everyone and there wasn’t much money. So women would use scrapes of old and worn- out clothing and frayed blankets to make rag quilts.

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Health Benefits of Hand Embroidery

Hello everyone! Did you know hand embroidery is practiced around the globe and it’s origin stems from china and the near East? Embroidery was used in ancient Egypt to decorate hems of royal robes and tapestries used in the middle ages in ladies. Embroidery is still a form of art today.

Today I am going to talk about my experience with hand embroidery. If we want to learn a new hobby all you have to do is go online and do a search and there it is. So I decided to go to YouTube and learn how to embroidery. I bought some materials and starting teaching myself. As time went on and the more I did it I could see the benefits. I noticed as I would thread the needle and place the needle into the fabric and pull the thread from the other side it was relaxing and also calming. Don’t ask why, but it was. Making the stitches was also relaxing. May sound crazy but true. There are a lot of embroidery groups on Facebook and I have met a lot of people who have the same interest as me.

So lets go over some benefits of hand embroidery.

Stress Reliever I find that when I may not be in the best situation I can turn to embroidery and it seems to calm me down. During my lunch break at work I will spend time embroidering. Also, you can watch TV while embroidering too. There is just something about pulling the needle and thread through the fabric that is calming to me.

Depression I’m sure I am not the only one who deals with depression from time to time especially with the world the way it is today. Belief it or not embroidery is good for depression on so many levels. Focusing on my project allows me to have less desirable negative thoughts. So ,therefore your mind does not spiral to negative thoughts. Think of it this way you are channeling positive energy.

Patience It seems to me that so many people do not have any patience and we are a society of “We want it right now”. There are times while embroidering that my thread gets tangled or the stitches are not the same size etc. I have stop and remind myself to have patience and it’s not the end of the world if a stitch is not perfect. It just takes practice and patience. But, just remember to have fun!

Economical Embroidery is very economical and the supplies needed is very little. The only supplies you need is embroidery needles, fabric, thread, sissors and embroidery hoop. You can create your own pattern or Walmart has some inexpensive patterns that will transfer onto the fabric. I use the transfer patterns alot. However, I have found some free patterns online that I like too.

I hope through my own personal experiences you will be inspired to embroidery. Remember it takes very little supplies. A needle, thread and fabric and yep that’s it. Just pick up the needle, thread and fabric and start stitching. There are plenty of Youtube channels for beginners and Facebook groups too. You can also google basic embroidery stitches too. Remember there are a lot of free patterns online. Please feel free to tell me about your experiences with embroidery.

Until next time, Happy embroidering!!!


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I joined a swap over at Crafting with Lisa Marie and love this group. We always have a good time and the swaps are awesome. I decided for this swap I would do some embroidery for a change. So I came across this cute free pattern from Jen Daly Quilts. I used a light box to trace the pattern onto white fabric and added some thin batting to the back of the fabric to make it easier to embroidery. The butterfly is appliqued followed by using 3 strands of embroidery floss to give a nice finished look. I used the straight stitch, backstitch and french knot. Also, I used three strands of embroidery floss.

Once I completed the embroidery, I picked out some background fabric, and placed the embroidery work on top of the background fabric. The frame that I used is a 8″X10″ and it fit perfectly. I really enjoyed making this for my swap partner and hope she likes it as much as I do. Since I had fun doing this project I have started another embroidery pattern for my granddaughter. So stay tuned for the next pattern that I complete.

Until next time, Happy embroidering!!

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The Struggle is Real

My post today has nothing to do with quilting or sewing. We are going to talk about health. Who takes care of everyone else but your self💁‍♀️Yep that would be me. Let me start with I have a closet full of clothes that I am unable to get into. Yep you heard me right.😭 This has never happened to me before and it is so depressing. Worrying does not get you anywhere but can take your health from you in big ways. I am the worst worrier there ever was on the planet. 💁‍♀️ People say at work you are so calm about everything and I love that about you but little do they know I am falling apart from the inside. When I say falling apart I MEAN FALLING APART!!!! I worry about job, finances, pandemic,wondering if I will catch the virus when people are sick at work, you name it. And of course my grandchildren and son and daughter in law. Worry about what the new norm will be and the impact it will have on everything.I could just go on and on but I am not. Every person I know says ” you are such a strong person” but I say not so much. 2020 has been the most challenging year for me as I am sure for must. I was in the beleif that I could control anything and boy have I been wrong!! Life has shown me otherwise. Moving forward, I will work on the things that I can do something about which is exercise, eat healthy, keeping a postive outlook, keeping a balance of mind body and spririt. Yes there will be some challeges along the way but I am willing to make my life better. So today is day two of which I have started this new way of life. Comment below if you are struggling through the pandemic. If you are looking for some exercises to do at home, I found a channel on YouTube called Fabulous 50’s and have been using these workouts. Ok, so that is enough and hope everyone has a great day!!

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5 Favorite Sewing Ideas For Christmas

Hi everyone! It’s so crazy to think we are about half way through the year. And guess what? Christmas is not that far off. I have been looking for some Christmas Ideas and came across a lot of projects that look interesting and thought I would share them. I knew I would only be able to possibly complete 5 so I narrowed down which one’s I liked best.

Mug Rugs are fun to make and people love them as a gift too. I found a really cute Christmas Mug Rug over at ThreadBare Creations and there is also a free pattern.

I love this quilt and it is super cute! The quilt measures 18×24″, and made with a charm pack. The tutorial is by Jen Daly for Moda Bakeshop and is free. You can download pattern here.

Who doesn’t love pretty placemats at Christmas time? Are these not super cute placemats for Christmas. There is a perfect tutorial over at the crafty quilter.

I took up embroidery a few years ago and find it enjoyable and relaxing. It is a project that you can do while watching tv. There is a free pattern over at little dear that is really easy to make. Loving how it is framed in a ribbon wrapped hoop and it would make a cute wall hanging for Christmas.

Pot holders are easy to make and can bring color to your kitchen. Some people just use them for display and hang on the wall or cabinet. Love the christmas pot holders that I came across at Fort Worth Studio. Be sure to check it out. There is a free tutorial too.

I so enjoyed sharing with you some of my favorite christmas Ideas. Be sure to comment and share your favorite christmas Ideas. There so many christmas Ideas on the web and free patterns and tutorials too. Until next time, Happy sewing and quilting!


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What am I up to now?

90594894_2642427732749238_1304579256549900288_oI have had people ask “what am I up to now.” Have you done any charity work and if so what? The answer is yes! I have been busy with work because I work in the healthcare field and we are dealing with different times now as everyone knows.

Knowing that I have to go into work and reuse the same mask , I decided to research and see what I could do to help. First, I had decided that I would make some masks for work but then it came down that we are not allowed to wear homemade masks of any kind.

I signed up and they sent me everything to make the mask. The only thing I had to provide was the thread. They even send a prepaid envelope to send the mask back. Over the next week I will be making a 100 masks and yes you heard me correctly! Sew I will be sewing and sewing but for a good cause. If you would like to help go to Sew Loved Masks.  


Until next time, Happy Sewing, Sharon!

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Valentine Mug Rug

Hey ya’ll! So valentine’s is on the way and I made these Mug Rugs for my swap partner. If you have never done a swap you need to. They are a lot of fun! I found one to join on Facebook and the group is called Crafting with Lisa Marie Swap Group. Be sure to check it out.


Until next time, happy sewing!







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Sharon’s Story

I would like to share my story with you regarding my experience with diverticulitis surgery and in the hopes that it might help someone who is going through the same thing  or maybe nervous waiting to have surgery.

I had been dealing with diverticulitis for the past ten years off and on. And “boy it’s not fun”. In and out of the emergency room, X-rays, blood drawn, drinking that nasty chalking stuff, antibiotics, etc on and on. So, moving forward, I had an attack at work one Sunday morning, and of course, I had to leave work and go straight to the ER while thinking in the back of my mind “here we go again”. With the attacks in the past I had no infection which was a good thing, but not so much this time around. People were coming in and out of my room drawing blood, X-rays, and running other tests that I never had in the past. I then start to get a little nervous and thought to myself there is more going on here then I know right now. The doctor explained to me that the surgeon on duty would be seeing me due to an infection. I said to myself “infection” I’m in trouble now. At this point I was really getting concerned and nervous and my mind was racing and saying what about if it’s this or that. Of course thinking the worst. Eventually, the surgeon came and spoke with me and explained that I had an infection and would need to be admitted to the hospital to be watched closely. He said I was not out of the woods yet and may need to have colon surgery. And of course I said “colon surgery”. I did not know what to think next and everything was happening so fast,and then I was taken upstairs to a room and once again the reality hit me. Thinking in the back of my mind “am I really going to have to go through colon surgery and if so will my whole colon be taken out and have to live with a bag the rest of my life”. You want to talk about scared. So as you can imagine I could not sleep knowing what I might be facing in the coming days. Turns out the antibiotics and rest got me over the hump and I was beginning to heal on my own.

I was discharged from the hospital several days later and rested at home for sometime before returning back to my job. Meantime I had to check back with my surgeon to see how things were going and to discuss possible colon surgery “again”. He discussed the option that I had. The first was to wait and see if I have another attack and the possibility of having to remove the colon, or go ahead and plan the surgery now. I decided to go through with the surgery then wait until another attack and have to have the colon removed. The surgeon told me up front everything I needed to do before surgery so that I might have a better shot with not having to have a bag the rest of my life. Although nothing is for certain when in situations like this.

The nervousness was kicking in big time the night before the big day, and could not get much sleep. We arrived at the hospital really early and had to wait until they called my name and I was beginning to feel sick and everything else. Finally, they took me back and got me ready for surgery and the next thing I know it’s that time. In one way it was a relieve and another not so much. The biggest part was I did not want to have a bag the rest of my life. Surgery went for several hours and everything came out well. Guess what “no bag” LOL. My recovery went well and only needed to work with physical therapy for a few days and walked the halls everyday.

I had a big support group behind me all through the process. My coworkers were so sweet to come visit while in the hospital. My son from Maryland flew in to visits me along with my mother. Of course my husband was by my side as always.

In closing, I would say if anyone is having to think about colon surgery to be sure to do your homework and research and ask your surgeon a lot of questions because in the end it’s your body.


Good Morning!

How is everyone this morning? People have been sending me messages asking if I am ok. Let me begin by saying life has thrown some curveballs this way and trying to make some adjustments. I just keep trying to hit that ball and not give up. Anyway, I  had some time to sew.

I belong to a private group on Facebook and we have things in common such as: quilting, sewing, crafting. Instead of our regular swap this month we decided to sew Little Dresses for Africa. Sew of course, I jumped right in and made two dresses and loved the way they turned out and were so easy to make. I wish time had allowed me to make more but was not able to. So far the group has been able to complete  150 dresses. How awesome is that! Wish I could see the little girls faces when they receive the dresses. I would like to especially thank Kelley for all of her hard work lining up the swaps each month. Below is a picture of one of the dresses I made. However, I forgot to take a picture of the second one I made. Lol. If you are in our groups leave a comment below and tell me what you enjoyed most when making the dresses. Feel free to post a picture of the dresses you made. Guess I will sign off for now. Take care and until next time, Happy sewing!!!






One Hour Basket


With my crazy work schedule I finally got to spend sometime sewing this weekend. I currently belong to a private group on Facebook called ” Crafty Gemini’s Crafters” and we share different ideas and ask questions about anything from sewing to quilting. So if you are into sewing or quilting this is the perfect group to join.

Within the group I noticed people posting pictures of these pretty baskets and thought I would give it a try. It was very easy to make and does not take a long time to make. Here is the link to the tutorial for the 1 hour basket. I made the basket with home dec fabric along with interfacing to the exterior fabric. Doing so the basket will hold its shape. Also, I did not add handles to the basket, but next time I think I will add them. Well thats it for now! Everyone have a great week and have some fun along the way.