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Baby Rag Quilt

27 Mar

IMG_0269Happy Wednesday morning my favorite people!  So ,I have been busy making a precious little baby girl who was born in January a baby rag quilt. I have had so much fun making the quilt and I love the color combinations too. The rag quilts are really easy to make and does not take up that much time to do. The hardest part is cutting all the squares along with batting. Next, I think I might try making a purse and see how it turns out. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it turns out and of course, I’ll post it on my blog. Hope everyone has a great day! Until next time, happy quilting.


Making a quick quilt for a child

4 Mar


As most of you are aware I am a Guardian ad litem appointed by the court. My main job is to have a voice for the child and to make monthly visits too. The child that is on my case has a birthday this week and I decided that I would make a quilt. Knowing that I was short on time I decided to try a different method of quilting. So, I bought a panel for the front of the quilt, backing fabric to match the quilt, batting to place in between the two layers, embroidery thread to tie the quilt. All I did is layer the batting, quilt right front  (right side up), and the flannel back (right side down). Next, pinned together, matching the raw edges and making sure the corners were square. Then beginning in the middle of the bottom , I stitched around all the edges leaving  approximately 8″ opening for turning. Make sure next to clip the corners diagonally  and turn the quilt right side out through the opening. Push the corners out and then press the edges flat. I topstitch the opening, but you can slipstitch by hand. Topstitch 1/4″ from the outside edges. As you can see I did not add any binding to the quilt which saved time.

I machine quilted around the outlines of the printed design through all the layers to hold the batting in place. For a decorative option I used embroidery floss on each corner of the squares using a surgical knot. So there are ways to cut corners when you do not have a lot of time to spend making a quilt. I was pleased with how the quilt turned out.

Until next time, Happy quilting


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