My favorite books

The Help Movie

Happy Wednesday everyone!  The book “The Help” written by Kathryn Stockett is an excellent book and if you have not had a chance to read it you should!  The book is about three women living in Jackson, Mississippi when the Civil Rights Movement began. Skeeter, who is a white young women and a writer who has just returned home from college and is floundering around. Aibileen, who is a black maid who is currently taking care of her seventeenth child, Mae Mobley, even though she realizes what’s at stake for both of them.  Minney , who is a black maid, speaks and says what ever is on her mind at the expense of her employment.Aibileen and Minney are hired as help to wealthy, or trying to seem wealthy, white families. Well, that should give you some insight to what the book is about.

I’m so excited because the movie will be in the theaters August 10th. So make plans to go and see it!

My favorite books

Cherries in Winter

I Went over to visit Bee In My Bonnet and found an interesting book to read. The title is “Cherries in Winter” Written by Suzan Colon.

The following is a write up from about the book:

What is the secret to finding hope in hard times?

When Suzan Colón was laid off from her dream job at a magazine during the economic downturn of 2008, she needed to cut her budget way, way back, and that meant home cooking. Her mother suggested, “Why don’t you look in Nana’s recipe folder?” In the basement, Suzan found the tattered treasure, full of handwritten and meticulously typed recipes, peppered with her grandmother Matilda’s commentary in the margins. Reading it, Suzan realized she had found something more than a collection of recipes—she had found the key to her family’s survival through hard times.

Suzan began re-creating Matilda’s “sturdy food” recipes for baked pork chops and beef stew, and Aunt Nettie’s clam chowder made with clams dug up by Suzan’s grandfather Charlie in Long Island Sound. And she began uncovering the stories of her resilient family’s past. Taking inspiration from stylish, indomitable Matilda, who was the sole support of her family as a teenager during the Great Depression (and who always answered “How are you?” with “Fabulous, never better!”), and from dashing, twice-widowed Charlie, Suzan starts to approach her own crisis with a sense of wonder and gratitude. It turns out that the gift to survive and thrive through hard times had been bred in her bones all along.

Cherries in Winter is an irresistible gem of a book. It makes you want to cook, it makes you want to know your own family’s stories, and, above all, it makes you feel rich no matter what.