Pillowcases for ConKerr/ children with cancer

Many of you may know I chose Con Kerr as my charity for 2012 and I have  had a lot of fun such as, meeting new people, doing something with a purpose, gatherings at different quilt shops to sew. Now I need to decide what charity I will help out for this year, so guess I’ll do some research. If you know of a charity please let me know. Anyway, thought I would share with you some pillowcases that I made over the last week or so. If anyone has an interest helping out the Con Kerr just go to their website and get all the information. There is even a link on how to make the pillowcases as well.

Until next time, Happy sewing!!



2 thoughts on “Pillowcases for ConKerr/ children with cancer

  1. Love the colors of your pillowcases! I sew with a group every Tues. and One Saturday a month making prayer quilts-it is my favorite thing to do! Thank-you for visiting my blog-I have grabbed your button!

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