Design Board

Today I spent time placing squares on a design board that I made. Can you guess how I made it? Well I took a large piece of batting and placed it on the wall along with some push pins. The fabric sticks right to the batting with no issues. “I love it”. Before I always had to use the cutting table or a bed to lay out the design. Sometimes the cutting table was not large enough for the quilt design that I would make. Well guess I had better get the quilt sewn now. I hope that each of you have a great weekend! Oh leave me a comment and tell me how you made your design board.

Until next time, happy quilting!



3 thoughts on “Design Board

  1. I have a 90″ x 90″ piece of Flannel thumb tacked about every 6″ to a wall in my sewing room. I covers floor to ceiling. It is great to have so much wall space. I can put up several small projects at once or lots of blocks for a bed size quilt. Things cling to the flannel similar to your batting. I like the pink/ peach color scheme of your project! have fun, cheers, CW

  2. Hm, great idea, I just can’t find a spare wall… Floor will have to do me. I’ve also taken photos with my iphone of several different layout options and later look at them on the computer. It’s been helpful.

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