Quilt Sashing

As most of you probably know, I have participated in a quilt-along over at Crafty Gemini. Well, I finally finished the sashing on the quilt and I like the way it turned out.  I decided to use the brown since I had so much of it and will use it for the backing as well. For this quilt I used what fabric I had on hand and it was a bit of a challenge.

When applying the sashing to the center of the quilt top. I ran into a slight issue. I measured the center and came up with 56″ inches and my fabric was only 44″ inches wide. So I had a yard and 1/2 and just cut the width of the fabric instead of the length and it came out fine. If you do not have enough fabric you can piece the sashing together to make one long strip.  Next, I will be assembling the quilt top layers such as the backing,batting and the quilt top which is known as the “quilt sandwich”.

I hope everyone has a great week and happy quilting!



7 thoughts on “Quilt Sashing

  1. Look at you go Sister Sharon! It’s good to see you enjoy quilting so much. I admire your ability to start and finish each of your projects. Maybe there’s hope for me yet!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I think I might try a double wedding ring lap quilt next. Then I’ll make one for the bed. First, I want to try one and then I’ll see.

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