Finished Baby Rag Quilt

I just returned from my trip to TN. to visit my parents and had a really nice time. You are probably not going to believe this but, I took my sewing machine on the airplane. You know your addicted when you bring along a sewing machine on an airplane. I’m sure though I am not the only one who has done this. Anyway, I did finish the baby rag quilt and I love how it turned out. This is my first rag quilt that I  have made and I really enjoyed making it. Here are a few pictures of the completed quilt. See ya next time, Sharon


10 thoughts on “Finished Baby Rag Quilt

  1. SO sweet! Rag quilts are my favorite. You really did a nice job on the baby quilt……I like the pink and brown together.

  2. Wish you were here… I just let out a fairly loud enthusiastic “oh wow” when I saw the first photo. That is fantastic. Sewing machine on plane – yep you’re an addict! I had thought of you taking it the in car when I heard you took it with you. I do that all the time! Donn G

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