Rag Baby quilt (cutting squares)

Today I finally got all of the fabric cut along with the batting. While  shopping  in the Wal-Mart, I came across a wonderful quilting tool which is called “Shape Cut” by June Tailor.  With the Shape Cut, you can make perfect strips for squares. So if you do any quilting I highly recommend  this tool.

I will be leaving for TN. Thursday morning and will return the following Thursday. So I will start posting again when I return from my trip. The next post I hope to have the baby quilt done. Actually, I have two quilts in the making now.

Until next time, Happy Quilting



2 thoughts on “Rag Baby quilt (cutting squares)

  1. This post felt like the end of a chapter in a good book. I’m intrigued waiting to see what happens next??? If you cut squares today how did you do those pics that showed us the two options? Enjoy your trip. Donna

    1. Donna… I had some extra fabric so I decided to cut 1″ squares to see about a design before making the actual one. The ones that I cut out yesterday were 5″ squares.

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