Sewing Room

So how was your weekend? Well mine did not go to well as most of you know I have been redoing my sewing room. I found two bookcases at IKEA that I liked really well and decided to use them to put fabric on along with other Items. We do not have a large enough vehicle to carry  2 bookcases, so my husband has a friend with a truck who helped him pick them up. So this morning we were ready to get the bookcases put together and discovered when we opened the box some of the shelving was broken. What a “disappointment”! So  I had to return the 2 bookcases and IKEA acted as though they did not care.

I Thought I might see if I can find a hutch to put my fabric in along with other Items because I think it would add some character to the room. I”ll be sooo glad when the room is complete and I can show you!  My plan this week is to finish the quilt that will go on the wall and finish the placemats that I am quilting too. So my friends have a great week and have a little fun too!

Your friend,



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