Hole in the Barn Door Quilt Block

Well hello my friends! I hope that everyone had a good weekend and did something fun.Saturday I took a quilting class and we made a quilt block called “Hole in the Barn Door” and actually the block has different names according to where one might live. The colors I chose worked really well with the pattern I thought. There is enough fabric left over to make one more block so I might just make two place mats. Thought I would share with you a picture of the block that I completed in class. If you should ever get a chance to take a class I would suggest that you do so. There were people my age in the class which made it fun and quilting is not just for retired people. See y’all next time! Sharon

Hole in the Barn Door Quilt Block
Finished place mats!

2 thoughts on “Hole in the Barn Door Quilt Block

  1. Ooo, lovely colours, pretty placemats. I am a novice quilter but know that block as “Shoo Fly”. I agree with taking classes – I learn not only regarding my own work but I also hear what the teacher says to others about their work which may come in handy in the future.

  2. Thanks Lynne, The class was a lot of fun and relaxing as well. You are correct the block is also called “Shoo Fly”. Thought It was interesting how the block has different names.

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