Finished Quilt

Finally, I have finished my quilt! Guess that I will have to say that I am pleased with the way it turned out. This is only my second quilt that I have made and there are plans to make more. The blocks were a lot easier to make then applying the binding around the quilt “go figure”! When I finish painting the sewing room, my plans are to hang the quilt to add color and art to the wall.

After I complete several quilts, I will probably laugh at the quilt that I have just completed and take it off the wall. I have enjoyed sharing my quilt with you! Have a good day and do something fun!


2 thoughts on “Finished Quilt

  1. Triangles and points for a second quilt – full marks to you!

    I love your philosophy to hang it now but be prepared not to love it later! Good on you.

  2. Thanks Lynne! The seam ripper and I became really great friends. I hope as I continue making quilts that it will get easier and less time having to use the seam ripper. It was a challenge trying to get the border around the quilt and figuring out how to connect the two ends together. If you know of a easy way to place boarder on a quilt please let me know.


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