My Favorite Kitchens

I would love to redo my kitchen, what about you?  Came across some pictures today and thought I would share them with you. So lets get busy with our kitchens

Nice big kitchen with an Island and love the lights!

Love the flooring and the small Island!

This looks like a fun kitchen but you would have to like pink!

“Oh my” this is a cute kitchen with red and white!

Look at this OLD kitchen and the flooring!

I had to share this kitchen with you. This was way back in time! Look at the green!

So I hope that you had fun looking at different kitchens with me. We can dream right! See ya next time.


One thought on “My Favorite Kitchens

  1. Thay are lovely kitchens. My kitchen is 25 years old but was a high quality kitchen when it was installed (we bought the house twenty years ago). My husband retiled behind the cooktop and at the sides of the sink a few years ago. I love the neutral colour of the cupboards and the layout, especially the bench space, so apart from new benchtops I’m happy with it as it is!

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