Sewing Day

Our Quilting Guild has a Sew Day once a month and you can bring any unfinished projects to work on. I am currently working on a new quilt and have spent a lot of time cutting out fabric.Finally, I have started sewing the blocks together. The quilt I am making is called a “1941 Nine Patch” and can not wait to see the end result.  Below is a picture of the one completed block. Eleven more to go!

1941 Nine Patch Block

Today I got to see a 1957 and 1939 sewing machine which I thought was cool looking. I was surprised how quiet the sewing machines were.

Singer 1939 sewing machine
1957 Singer Sewing Machine



One thought on “Sewing Day

  1. I have a 1917 singer that still works and has the most amazing attachments. I can’t use it at the moment because I need a new rubber O ring for the bobbin winding which I can’t buy locally. I’m sooo looking forward to getting it going again. I taught my girls to sew on it.

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