Destin Florida

Had a great week with a friend who I had not seen in over 30 years. We caught up with each other on Facebook and talked over a period of time and decided that we would meet up in Destin FL. for a week.  During our stay we had some really good laughs looking through year books and talking about “way back when.” It’s really amazing how we all have changed over the years. Thought I would share with you some pictures that were taken while on vacation.

view from our condo
The pool
Look a pirate!
Now that is a sandwich! My friend decided that she would try one.
This is what I had. We had seafood about everyday!
This guy was painting the boats.
Getting ready to go out to sea!
This was the boat we took for a Dolphin cruise.
Dolphins in the water.
Took this picture from the boat.

I have enjoyed sharing my pictures with you. If you should ever get the chance to go to Destin FL. you will have so much fun!


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