Pot Holders

This year I am doing something different for Mother’s Day. I am making my  mom a gift set and thought I would share the process with you. First, I am making a set of potholders and they are really easy to make. Sew, let’s get busy ladies!

Materials needed:

Fabric color of your choose (100% cotton fabric) cut 4 8″x8″ squares

Thread color of your choose (100% cotton thread)

Insul-bright (cut 4 8″x8″ squares)

Warm and natural (cut 2 8″x8″ squares)



Bias tape (double fold) for the loop

Cut 4 8″x8″ squares to make 2   potholders.

Place right sides of fabric together and the ugly side should be facing you. Pin along the three sides of the potholder to hold the fabric in place. You will leave one side open so  the potholder can be turned inside out. I always place my pins in the direction in which I am sewing.

Sew a 1/4 ” inch seam allowance around the three sides of the potholder. Make sure that you back stitch at the beginning and end. This will re enforce the stitches. Make sure when you finish sewing the 3 sides that you turn the potholder inside out. You should be looking at the pretty side of the potholder.

Next, we are going to make  a sandwich. Sounds good to me. Cut 4 squares 8″x” 8 of insul-bright and 2 8″x8″ squares of warm and natural. You will notice that the size is the same as the square fabric we cut. Now, take one square of the insul-bright and lay it down with the shinny side facing down. Grab one of the warm and natural squares and lay on top of the insul-bright. Next, place another insul-bright square and place the shinny side up facing you. Now your sandwich is complete.

Sorry this is not a very good picture I know. Next, we are going to place the sandwich we just made inside of the potholder. Take the sandwich and place in the opening of the potholder and work it until you get it to the bottom and the sides. If you need to trim some of the sandwich feel free to do so. Some times it is easier to work with.

We can’t forget about our loop for the potholder.  Cut a small piece of bias tape (double fold). Then place the bias tape inside of the opening to  make a loop and sew across making sure that you sew the bias tape and continue all the way across. I would back stitch at the beginning and end. You can add bias tape around the edges of the potholder and quilt the potholder if you wish.

I hope that you had fun today with me!

Ta Da! Your finished!
Binding has been added here.

5 thoughts on “Pot Holders

      1. Superb!!! Definitley worthy of a blueribbon! When is sister-in-laws day??? I like green…LOL!

  1. Thank you for sharing this Sharon. You are amazing. I made Crafty Gemini pot holders and used insul-bright and cotton quilt wading but my hands still get burnt through them. I knew I must have done something wrong but didn’t know what. I will use your method next time.

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