Quilting 101 Class Has Started!

Hey y’all! The quilting class 101 has started with Rebecca over at Chasing Cottons and is a lot of fun. Week one is learning all about fabric such as, where to buy fabric, what type of cotton to use, Fat Quarters, Fabric Bundles, Jelly rolls sounds good to eat “right.” Rebecca has written informative information on fabric so make sure  you take a look.

I just love to go fabric shopping and look at all the different kinds colors, textures, geometric Designs, etc. I have chosen 100% cotton for the quilt that I am going to make. Here is a rule of thumb that I came up with for washing fabric, if you are going to wear or use what ever you sew or quilt then wash the fabric.If it is going to be used for non use then I do not wash the fabric. Below you will find some fabric that I believe I might use for the quilting class. It’s a combination of spring colors and floral. Need to decide on a background color so quitters let me know what that might be or any help you can give would be great!

Basket of Spring Fabric

5 thoughts on “Quilting 101 Class Has Started!

  1. Hi, It’s great that you have joined the class. I am looking forward to lots of hints and tips. So I would like to observe that to my eye all your fabrics are the same strength – medium. You need to consider some lights and darks as well. I would stick with the same colours – purple, yellow, green and pink. Just go darker and lighter in some or all the colours. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Val, Thanks for the info regarding the colors of fabric. For my first quilt I am going to make a block quilt five 5″ squares across and five 5″ squares down which will be a total of 25 squares when completed.I hope I have that figured correctly.I guess I need a dark color for the background. Again thanks!

  2. Hi, Thank you so much for joining in on the class. I love the fabrics you have chosen. 5 quares x 5 squares sound great. Perfect to get you started. I am going to teach you one technique that is super easy that will vary this up a bit for your design… ill show you next post. Im with Val, perhaps a dark or light to break it up a bit… xx enjoy the class and thanks for linking up!! xx

    1. Thanks, I will be looking forward to the next post. I am trying to figure out how to build my stash of fabric so if you have any ideas let me know.

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