Visiting Different Blogs

As some of you know yesterday when I was in the kitchen slicing potatoes for dinner I ended up slicing my thumb and taking the skin and part of the nail and was in a lot of pain. I thought to myself “you are supposed to slice the potato not your thumb”.  So as all this was taking place a cell of really bad weather was moving through the area. I grabbed  a kitchen towel and immediately started wrapping the thumb and applying pressure. The bleeding would not let up at all so I walked in the pouring rain to my neighbor’s house and ask if she could give me a ride to the walk in clinic. So that was my highlight of the day.

Due to my thumb I am not able to sew or do much so I decided to fabric shop and look for new Ideas. When I was visiting different blogs today, I came across some yummy and pretty fabric over at Bee In My Bonnet. Lori has her very own fabric line called Sew Cherry that is brand new. Here are a few pictures of her brand new fabric line. Can’t wait to make my very first quilt with the Sew Cherry fabric! Be sure to check out her new line of  fabric!

I have been thinking about re doing my sewing room and came across a neat Idea over at The Woman Of 1,000 Hobbies.  Found some interesting vintage apron patterns that I made copies of and I am going to make a collage. Sounds fun! If you look closely you will see that the patterns at that time were only 35 cents. Hard to believe “right” .Once I complete this project I will post it.  If you click on the link above, then click on sewing on the left hand side and scroll down until you see the pictures on the wall. Here is just a few of  the many pictures I copied.


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