Strawberry Festival

My husband and I attended the strawberry festival in Plant City Florida and had a blast. If you have never been you should mark your calendar and attend next year.  There was a variety of entertainment, rides, food from fried Oreos  to bacon dipped in chocolate. I was not brave enough to try the Oreos and bacon with chocolate. However, there were a lot of people saying how good it was.

Of course you know me, I had to see all the different types of quilts and you could tell that a lot of time and effort went into the quilts. The quilt that won the grand prize was beautiful. However, all the quilts that were on display were very eye-catching. Even the baking goods that were on display looked so good but of course they were behind glass.  I also came across living room furniture that someone had crochet and of course it won the grand prize.

The festival runs from March 3-13 every year so make your plans and go have some fun! Take plenty of money because there is lots of things to buy. Oh, don’t forget to buy strawberries and have a strawberry short cake on me. Below you will find some pictures of the festival.

One of many rides
Cake judging
Judging Jam
Cheesecake with of course strawberries
Chocolate Dipt Bacon
The Judd's

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