Places I have been

Thrift Shopping Adventure!

The other day my husband and I made a list of all the thrift stores in town to see what treasures we could find. I can remember years back how cheap thrift stores were but that’s not so true today. Looking at some of the prices, I said to myself “they must be really proud of these items”. We found out through some conversation with one of the clerks that today’s thrift stores are looking up the value of the items on the internet. This lessens the possibility of getting a real bargain. When returning from our adventure I had a chance to look up some of the items that I came across and you could buy the item online for what they were wanting in the store.

Vintage Patterns and Box

I was able to find a small treasure at the last store on our list. My husband pointed out a vintage pattern box that was full of old patterns. The old patterns were in a booklet which I thought was kind of neat.


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