The Friday Night Sew-in was a blast

Christmas Placemats

Last night was the Sew-in Friday night and it was hosted by Handmade by Heidi. It was just one of those nights when you are trying to get things done and it just does not work out. I was in a hurry and bought some cheap thread, but never again will I do that.  Word of advice, do not buy cheap thread. I was having to stop every few minutes due to the thread knotting and, of course, the thread that I purchased was the main color needed to complete my project. After a bit of extra work, I finally did get the Christmas place mats finished and on the dining room table.

I went shopping the other day and came across some charger plates that are festive and colorful and decided the plates would add color and texture to my table. After purchasing the plates, I decided that I needed to make some place mats to go with the charger plates. I went to Jo-Ann’s Fabric and bought Christmas fabric to make the place mats. Once everything was finished the table looked very festive and colorful. Try making your own place mats for your table. They aren’t hard to make but be sure to remember to get good thread!


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