Sewing Blog

I am new to sewing and have spent time looking for ideas on different websites, and I came across sewing blogs and was blown away and became hooked. In the course of my research, I found all kinds of Ideas and even free patterns which will help me with my sewing. So far, I have enjoyed going from one blog to another to see the different Ideas that people have come up with and it is amazing.

There is a TV show called ‘Sewing With Nancy” and they show you different projects you can make from sewing, quilting,crocheting etc. It is another great resource for people learning to sew.

I am open to any new Ideas, so if you have any join in.


One thought on “Sewing Blog

  1. Hi, decided to come for a really long visit…was amazed to see you’ve been blogging so long. My blog beginning was much the same but I’ve been sewing for yrs. I wish I could remember how I found my first blog. You have the honour of being my very first follower.

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